We have qualified expert agronomy and fruit packer production personal located close to the field.  Because of our proximity to the growing regions, we can provide ongoing pack production support, including field supervision, application record management and reconciliation and packer production supervision to insure that our customers exacting product specifications are met.


We manage the fruit from the growing in the field through the moment of arrival at the packer.  Our quality control and agronomy team ensures that the highest levels of hygiene, quality and fruit conditions are met throughout the growing and production process.  No other fruit supplier can provide our level of crop supervision thereby assuring our customers of full traceability and transparency of the supply chain.


Packing Capabilities

  • Styles:  4+1, IQF, Block Frozen, Puree-Seedless, Chunky, Pasteurized, Stabilized, Dices, Slices, Small Whole    



All our packers currently meet all quality and hygiene specifications required by each of our customers.  To comply with these requirements,  our packers carry the following certifications:

  • AIB HACCAP Certification
  • Kosher Certification
  • Quality System
  • SQF


All pesticides used by our suppliers are approved by the EPA and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, and have the Primus Lab third party audit certification.